FYI Cards In The Corner 


Hoping to share my inventory with you !!
email me with your want's
I still have lots to sell email and ask . 
WITH CASH payment I will save you some money.

Up coming Prerelease event at Cards In The Corner

  are Last prerelease will be February 3rd 2024

I have been selling the inventory.

you can email me at



WE have closed the store and sold the building

I have a big stock of a lot of stuff you really need to email with a list !!!

I'm no longer buying any bulk cards just rare hard to find items



Cards In The Corner

Just to update you to what changes are going on!

Has it been over 25+ years my how time has flown! 

I never would had thought !

We would be 25+ going strong but We did close  .

I will start

Yes doing apointment only starting Jan. 1st 2024

 but still selling what I have left

call for more info as for Eric

At this time I really only buying hard to find rare cards


We are selling big lots and all store fixtures and posters.